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TTC1A202112 | December 14-15, 2021

WeWork – New Street | G/F, 5-13 New St, Tai Ping Shan, HK (map)



Module 1: Foundation course

This program will enable one-to-one coaches to develop themselves as team coaches or enhance their ability to work with team leaders.  It aims to ensure they are competent and confident in extending coaching approaches to helping teams become more effective and eventually develop the capability to coach themselves. The context of the program is organizational teams, with particular emphasis on executive teams and project teams, although the tools, techniques, and theory also apply to other teams.

  • Introduction to the concept: a historical and theoretical perspective
  • The purpose of team coaching
  • How teams evolve
  • Models of team learning
  • What helps and hinders team efficacy? The leader follower relationship.
  • What do we mean by high performing team?
  • Differences between individual coaching and team coaching.
  • Identifying team strengths and weaknesses.
  • Key steps in the team coaching process – contracting, scoping, developing the team’s capacity to coach itself
  • Team coaching session dialogue: contracting, goal setting, defining the issue, context, redefinition, seeking individual and collective mindshift, alternative ways forward, decisions, recontracting
  • Competencies of a team coach
  • Behaviours of teams and team members. How to recognize and analyze team dysfunction
  • Principles of group dynamics
  • Team identity
  • Establishing and working with team purpose.
  • Surfacing and managing conflicting agendas. Techniques for managing team conflict
  • Communication and networking
  • Techniques to clarify and build alignment with team goals.
  • Managing team motivation, temporal issues, creativity
  • Raising the quality of team decision-making
  • Improving team processes
  • Aligning individual and collective development within a Team Development Plan
  • Ethical issues in team coaching
  • Your personal development plan as a team coach

This is an exciting time for team coaching globally. Both the EMCC and the ICF have presented Team Coaching Competencies. The EMCC has created global standards and an accreditation pathway for team coaches and for team coach training programs.  The Global Team Coaching Institute, in partnership with David Clutterbuck and Peter Hawkins, was created and launched in 2019 with a focus on online team coach training. Organizations will be on the lookout for professionally trained and accredited team coaches.  The ICF has not yet announced plans for specific accreditation for Team Coaching programs or coaches, though we anticipate this will come in the future.  Your opportunity now is with the EMCC to receive your Individual Team Coaching Accreditation at the Practitioner level.


Globally Accredited: This program is approved for 40.5 CCE’s from the ICF (36.5 Core Competency hours and 4 Resource Development).  Team coaches who work with clients are also eligible to complete additional assignments and assessments to achieve the ITCA Practitioner level from the EMCC. (Additional nominal costs will apply but the total fee will be less than doing it directly through the EMCC)



Team coaching is an exciting and challenging emerging professional dimension of coaching. It is challenging because teams are complex, adaptive systems within another complex, adaptive systems that interact with other, complex adaptive systems. And it is exciting – because organizations that want to thrive are investing in the creation of high-performing, value-creating teams.

This program is aimed at experienced individual coaches and team coaches with a solid foundation of experience and expertise in one-to-one coaching, who want to add team coaching to their portfolio. 

This EMCC EQA and ICF CCE  approved program is designed to help coaches become skilled in the more complex and emerging realm of team coaching. We expect this domain of coaching to grow rapidly in the region. We have an early market entry with a world-class, well-researched certification program.

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