Coaching Aspiration

We invite all participants on our programmes to join us in our ‘Coaching Aspiration’ below.

We strive to be a person that demonstrates the following qualities:

  • Emanate “goodness” in their professional and private lives.
  • Demonstrate mindfulness, selflessness, and compassion as a “way of being.”
  • Are unconcerned with status, fame, ego, importance.
  • Have a compelling personal presence which others find nourishing.
  • Are great listeners with extraordinary attentiveness and concentration.
  • Demonstrates compassion arising from their own courage, self-confidence, experience.
  • Have “ironclad” ethics, integrity, and honesty.

Please review and reflect on our Coaching Aspiration before joining the Kick-off Session and note what comes up for you as you reflect on these qualities.


Reflective Questions

  1. Which statements resonate with you?
  2. Which ones create a bit (or a lot) of agitation?
  3. What is it about those statements that creates that experience in you?

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