A Sample PROG Process

P. R. O. G. (Problem, Remedy, Outcome, Goal)

You want them to move to a desired outcome or result so that you can co-create a goal.


If they talk about a Problem – something they don’t want


  • What would you like to have happen instead of that?


If they talk about a Remedy – something they think fixes the problem


  • If you do that, then what happens?
  • They may give you another remedy and then ask the same thing
  • And then what happens?….
  • Keep going until you get an outcome, the desired outcome.


If they talk about an Outcome or you coach them to one


  • If that happened, what would it mean to you?
  • If that happened, what would it mean to others? (boss, company, customers, family, etc.)
  • When do you expect this to happen?

A Sample WFG Process


Once they have indicated the Outcome is desirable and they have expressed a connection to it emotionally and practically then ask:


What do you need to learn, change, develop or do differently in order for that Outcome to happen?

  •  You may need to ask this again and again to arrive at the key change
  • How would you state it as a goal?


How will you capture that? (write it down, type it)

  • Once they write it down ask them to read what they wrote as they may have changed it.
  • Clarify more with questioning if they changed something important


Challenge them to strengthen the language watching for any “soft” or “weak” words like: maybe, might, could, try, should

  • Ask simply using the word: “You might…?” or “You will try to improve or you will improve?”


Ask: On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the most important, How important is it for you to achieve this?

  • Whatever number they say ask: What does that number mean to you?
  • Once the Program Goal has clarity and energy then co-create a Session Goal


What would you like to leave this coaching session with that would make you feel like you will be able to make progress toward your goal?

Repeat the PROG and WFG processes with the Session Goal ending with a Goal for the session or the remaining time in the session

Once the Session Goal has clarity and energy then move to explore Reality

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