[ONLINE] Advanced Certificate in Professional Coaching – Module 3 (OM3A202010)

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OM3A202010 | Oct 8 – Dec 23. 2020

Program Outline

Module 3: Transformational Coaching I

This program lays the foundation for vertical development and transformational coaching, challenging and supporting coaches to move beyond performance coaching into the realm of transformational coaching. Coaches will deepen and expand coaching skills and competency preparing them to coach at the Practitioner level or higher as defined by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) and/or the ICF.

  • Grounding in adult developmental theory and entry points for transformational coaching
  • Enable coaches to develop skill in the application of models, theories, coaching moves and methods to support deep transformational change
  • The evidence of the development of a “way of being” that embodies a transformational coaching ethos
  • An understanding and application of the ethics, standards and competencies required for effective coaching at the Practitioner level
  • To co-create relevant and effective competency based coaching programmes and development plans
  • A commitment to competency-based development based on practice-based feedback and reflection
  • A practice of seeking instructor (supervisor/mentor) support, engagement and reflective practice


This program is for advanced coaches. This program is focused on developing skills with our Transformational Coaching methodology. This is built on the foundations of our Certificate in Professional Coaching and/or other coach training that coaches may have undertaken. The purpose of this programme is to develop highly skilled professional coaches in order to facilitate vertical development and sustainable and meaningful transformations at a deep level. From our point of view, this requires the embodiment of a transformational way of being.

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